10 Tips to Make Long Haul Flights Awesome

I’m going to be honest and tell you guys a dirty little secret of mine, I’m one of those persons you’re probably love to hate because you guys–I love flying! I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t blame you! It’s hard to fly long haul trips. I get it. But I’ve been flying long hauls as a college student to save money, and over the years I’ve  gathered some travel tips to make your long haul flights not just tolerable, but awesome. 

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1 . Wear A comfy Outfit

My go to outfit has always been a comfy pair of high waisted stretchy jeans, a long sleeves shirt/sweater, and a coat like a trench or a long cardigan, socks, and a comfy pair of athletic shoes. I’ve been obsessed with these pink Cole Haan pair I received as a gift. They are breathable and are easy to slip on and off. I also always wear my hats on me as I hate packing them in my carry on. There’s been times where I’ll have three hats stacked on top of each other in the airport ( no shame in my hat game!). I also like to wear a scarf that I can keep warm with as a blanket or pillow.  I will once in a while wear jogger pants but most of the time as soon as I’m off the plane I’m off to meet with a friend so it’s not feasible to change (although sometimes I will).

-Outfit Details-

Trench Coat TopShop | Hat Lack of Colours | Jeans  Jcrew (old)similar here| Luggage Away | Shoes Cole Haan

2. Bring A water Container

The air is extremely dry in the airplane and water bottles are wasteful and expensive. Bring a canteen that’s small and easily refillable and attach it to your backpack or throw it in your tote. Just don’t forget to empty it before you go through security. (I’ve forgotten a few times too , ops!)

3. Make a Airplane Care-kit

Mine includes a sleep mask (to keep the light out) I love this one here, Ear plugs, thick socks, and medications for emergencies (advil, airborne, pepto, and dramamine), lotion, chapstick, facial spray (avia), a small travel tooth brush, toothpaste, and floss, sample size of face lotion and face wash.

4. Pre-download your fave podcasts/movies/shows

If you’re like me and love to listen to podcasts, this tip is great. Because of the lack of wifi on airplanes, pre-download your favorite podcasts so you’re ready to listen when boredom strikes. Most airlines will have movies loaded on their entertainment systems but I find that most of the time I’ve seen a lot of them already and I’m stuck watching something I don’t enjoy. I like to have 4-5 movies loaded on my ipad/laptop. and a few seasons of my favorite shows ready to watch (Friends has to be my go to show).

5. Bring a Moisturizing Face Mask

I like to bring a moisturizing face mask to help lift my dry skin. I apply the mask in the 2/3rd of the leg of my flight. It keeps my skin moisturized and it feels awesome to be able to pamper myself a bit!

6. Bring plenty of healthy snacks

My snack bag is in a small zip up tote and includes: pretzels, protein bars, nuts, a chocolate bar, beef jerky, and cough drops.

7. Bring a power pack for extra battery

I try to keep the devices I carry to a minimum. My phone and Ipad. Less things to charge and it’s lighter to carryon. It’s nice to have extra power because most of the times the plugs in the airplanes won’t work and not being able to have extra juice for your phone is the worst.

8. Bring plug in headphones

Although I love wifi headphones they require charging and wont work with the airplane entertainment system.

9. Bring a few packets of your fave tea

I love this tip so much! It’s so nice to have a hot beverage your familiar with. I like to bring peppermint tea and jasmine green tea packs with me. Just ask the flight attended for a cup of hot water.

10. Bring an inflatable pillow

This is super useful. An inflatable pillow will not take up too much room and will be heaven for your back and feet. I’m short so My feet don’t touch the ground. Having a pillow there helps me and my feet be more comfortable. The C shaped seats are the worst for your back so using the little pillow for back support is awesome too.




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