In September I had a layover in Iceland on my way to Paris, so I’m sharing a guide on what to do with less than 12 hours in Iceland. First of, I’d thought I’d share a funny and kind of a long story– I’ll give you guys the short version.  I flew into Iceland and had a what I thought had been a 16 hours layover, but turns out, my connecting flight had already left by the time I had gotten there. (insert a closed eye emoji here followed by a hand slap to the face emoji) An expensive mistake, I had to rebook my flight at my own expense (the airline i flew was really awful and didn’t help me rebook (screw you WOW Air)  but it’s okay! I still made the best of it. Okay– getting to the layover guide. I hope you find it helpful!



With about 6 hours in Iceland, I wanted to do something that would be memorable and wasn’t too far away. I decided to rent a car and head to the Blue Lagoon since it wasn’t too far away from the airport (about 20 miles 30 mins). I decided to rent a car instead of taking the bus because the last shuttle left before my layover was over. But if you’re planning to not rent a car I’d recommend check the website out. The bus runs every 30 mins each way and stops at major stops including the Blue Lagoon. It’s not a free service but it’s more affordable than renting a car( about $45)

  • I rented a car ahead of time, did my price shopping online, and picked up my rental with a free shuttle to the rental place close by.
  • When I had wifi, I downloaded the offline Google Map so I didn’t have to rent the GPS
  • Put the rental car on a credit card that offers universal primary car insurance (and decline the car rental insurance)
  • Drove to the Blue lagoon and had about 4.5 hours to spend there and it was great!


  • You may have to Pre-book your visit depending on the time of the year you go to the blue lagoon
  • Use a good conditioner before going in the water, I repeat, you guys, it will save you and your hair from the grief of washing out the selica from your hair. (if you don’t lisent, Like I didn’t, it doesn’t damage your hair it’l just make it feel like there’s a layer of something on it and using a clarifying shampoo several times will get it back to normal.
  • Food here is very expensive, but a treat if you’d like to treat yourself to the LAVA restaurant.
  • Get the package that includes the robe, slippers, and the masks, and one drink coupon
  • There are lockers, showers, and blowdryers in the locker room.
  • Drones are not allowed
  • The Blue Lagoon closes at 9:30 pm.
  • There’s free parking
  • There’s a bar
  • You’re given a wristband that has your credit card linked for purchases at the bar and cafe


I really enjoyed my time at the Blue Lagoon, it’s a great way to experience a bit of Iceland on your quick layover. I like that it stays open until late and includes all the things you’d need : food, relaxation, a bar, and a spa. Everything in Iceland is at least 2 hours away from the airport, so your best bet is to go to the town of Reykjavik or go to the blue lagoon. Doing both requires you to spend less time at the Blue Lagoon but it is possible to do both when you rent a car. If you do check out the Fish and chips in the town and lots of cool bars and eateries. Let me know if you guys went to the blue lagoon on your layover and what your experience was in the comments below!







  1. This is beautiful!! What time of day did you go? if doesn’t look crowded! Im amazed you took these yourself! What mini tripod do you use? Im also curious about your camera gear.

    • darlingcoco

      Thanks so much Crystal ! I went around 4pm in September. Would you like me to do a post with my gear overview ? that would be fun !

  2. Would love to read tips on traveling France and Italy!

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