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Santorini; an idyllic island perched atop the blue Aegan sea. With the white cave houses and blue domed churches sprawling all along this tiny yet vast island. It is the most romantic and idyllic Greek islands with one of the most memorable sunsets you’ll ever see. I’ve had a chance to visit this little piece of heaven in September and with so many trips last year, I just realized I haven’t shared any photos or blog posts about the trip (ops!). So here I’ll be sharing our experience in Santorini; what we did, where we stayed, our itinerary, and some travel tips.  I hope you guys find it helpful, and as always let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. 


We spent a total of 10 days in Greece, and 5 of the 10 days were in Oia (Santorini) pronounced (EE-AH). It’s truly a honeymooners paradise and such a unique island. Although we absolutely loved Oia as a homebase, hindsight I think 5 days there was more than enough, I could of seen and enjoyed Oia in about 3 days.


I  went in mid September (shoulder season) although it’s still sprawling with tourist. The weather was around 80 and sunny. It was very humid but it cools down in the evening.


From the airport we took a taxi to the city center (It costs about 40 Euros). We did rent a car for a day to explore the beach but honestly driving in Greece was a bit of an adventure to say the least! The roads are very small and the buses do not stop to let you pass. It was also very congested on the island as there is one main road. There are public buses but with such tight roads there is a lot of traffic if you decide to hop on a bus. It’s about 2 Euros for a ticket and if it’s busy you will be stuffed like sardines in there (so if you get car sick, maybe another option is best!) There’s also an option to rent ATV’s and scooters. Don’t forget to bring your international license if you plan on driving.


We chose to rent a nice and private airbnb. Use this code to get 40$ off your first stay.  This is the place we stayed. I loved that we had a huge private balcony with a hot tub. It was so nice to have so much room and in such a private terrance. We were a bit far on foot from the city center (about 15 min walk) but we made that trip back and forth at least 4 times a day. There are also some great hotels on the island, it’s a bit pricey but it’s to be expected when you’re in Oia.

-what we did –

A lot of exploring all the different rooftops and tiny roads that lead to amazing views. We veered off the main road to find little gems of views and great restaurants. We ate a lot of octopus and lots of gyros! We didn’t have luck finding good coffee on the island but there’s a lot of good fresh juice. We went to a few of the local beaches and checked out nearby towns of Fira. We did some shopping and overall just taking it all in and relaxing!

Some things you can do are: go to the beaches, take a catamaran sunset cruise, go to the volcano and experience the hot springs, go wine tasting, discover all the great little souvenir shops, eat at the famous Amoudi bay. There’s so many things to do it just depends on what you’re interested in.


Dress – Privacy Please  similar here, here, and here|  Hat– Lack of Color |

-where to eat-

ask the locals–it’s the best policy.  Food in Greece is expensive, more than a lot of Europe, but you can always pick up a gyros for a few euros if you don’t want to sit down and eat. In Thira I recommend checking out the bubbly lounge for a nice glass of champagne or vino with a great view.  For lunch try Galini Cafe in Thira. They serve the best greek salad  + you’ll get an amazing view over the caldera for free The night life in Fira is better but Oia was much more quiet and relaxing.




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