The Best Cameras  for Fashion and Travel Bloggers

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what camera and gear I currently use for my photos/blog. So I’d though it would be fun and hopefully useful to share this post.In this post I’m going to share with you guys what camera and gear I use and why.

Being a professional photographer and having that background and experience certainly did help me, but the beauty of digital photography is that it’s so accessible and easily learned that anyone who wants to learn, can take great photographs with the right tools and skills. Let’s dive right in, shall we? First I’ll share what I needed my gear to do, what gear I chose, why I chose the gear, and some highlights of the products as well as links to the products.

What I wanted from my Camera:

Produce High quality images

Raw photographs

Ability to change lenses

Manual control

Built to last

Good video

Good Battery life

Ease of use

Fast autofocus

Accurate color reproduction

Portability (easy to travel with)

Camera I Chose:

I chose to purchase two cameras. One camera I use for my professional photography, and the second I recently purchased with blogging and traveling in mind. My professional camera I use is a Sony Alpha A99 : It’s a robust and powerful and expensive camera. It’s a ferrari in the world of cars. It may be very advance for simple outfit photos, but I find it great for sponsored post and it doubles as a professional camera I use for my wedding and commercial clients. (it costs about $3,000 without a lens)

A few highlights I love about Sony Alpha A99 II camera:

Full Frame 42.4 MegalPixel Sensor : 

(why this matters- It has a largest camera sensor so it takes highest quality photos and the full frame equals to a view of 35mm which dictates how lenses look in the camera. In other words, there is no crop factor. A 16mm wide lens will look 16mm. Compared to a cropped sensor camera, a 16mm lens will look more like 24mm. It also has a large full frame sensor, it takes amazing quality images in low light.

Manual Control

 Complete control of the camera and the most important components; ISO, shutter, aperture, and much more.

Raw + JPEG photos:

 Taking RAW photos is important to preserve all the important image details for post production and editing.


An accurate real time view in the viewfinder and 3 inch display – the most useful to get accurate exposure adjustment right as you are adjusting the camera. No more taking a photo, viewing it, and re-adjusting the settings. (It’s honestly the best thing about Sony)

79 Point AF system:

  Fast and accurate auto focus so no moment is missed by a blurry image.

4K video:

 I’ve been dabbling with producing videos and vlogs and have started a YouTube Channel with future plans of creating more YouTube travel video content. So having 4K or 1080P video ability was important


Having interchangeable lenses is important for traveling. I need to be able to take grand and large landscape photos and also be able to take macro detail shots. There’s not one lens fits all for the different projects. So having the flexibility and creativity to change lenses takes my photographs to the next level.


  It’s built to last. It’s metal body will withstand the impact of traveling and the weather sealing of the button will let it be safe and easy to operate with challenging weather (rain, hail, mist, fog, ocean air).

Day to Day camera:

My compact camera I bring along day to day for outfit photos as well as to weekend trips and longer trips: Sony RX100 III . I love the size and portability of this tiny and yet powerful camera. It takes high quality photos for my blog and yet can fit in my pocket or small purse making it my go to when I don’t have to lug around a large camera bag for my professional gear. I find myself reaching for this camera so much more than my Sony 99 because it’s so portable. Trust me guys, it’s a work horse and a powerhouse and won’t break the bank. It’s a great intermediate camera for someone who wants to take great photographs and have more control of the camera.

A few highlights I love about Sony RX100 camera:

Size & Portability:

  This camera fits in your pockets. It fits in your clutch yet it has so many advance features that honestly it’s almost as good as any other DSLR out there. It’s 4in x 2.5 in, that’s it ! It weighs only 10.23 OZ. It’s beautiful you guys

1in Sensor w/ 20.1 Megapixels: 

It’s a smaller sensor than a professional DSLR but it’s still a larger sensor than your phone’s camera. With phone cameras advancing each day, it’s still a better choice for quality and low light performance than your phone camera.

Zeiss 24-70mm F1.8-2.8 Lens:Although it’s not a changeable lens, this lens is very versatile and can be used in almost all cases. The 24mm is wide enough for an epic wide landscape shot and the 70mm is a good portrait lens for close up outfit shots. It has a fast lens, the 1.8 is the maximum aperture is exceptional (the eye of the lens and how much light it let’s in) also it is what give the background a buttery professional “bokeh” (background blur)  effect.

A Tru -View Oled Screen & a Electric Viewfinder: 

 Many compact cameras lack a viewfinder. Which let’s you see the photo better in very bright sunlight or daylight. It’s also much easier to compose a photo through a viewfinder. It also has a real-life view of an image you’re about to take- so you can adjust settings and see the settings happen real life on screen.

Fast AF & 10 FPS:

 Fast and accurate Auto focus and ability to take 10 frames per second. Great for walking outfit shots.


 Being able to send photos directly to your phone without having to upload the images gives me instant access to post and share my photos.

1080P Video: 

 A great video camera as well! The only downside is it doesn’t have a mic output but in the IV version of this camera it does.

Favorite camera accessories:

     DJI Mavic Pro :

My drone for creative photos and smooth cinematic videos. It’s small enough to pack on my trips and easy to set up and use.

 JOBY GorillaPod :

My go to travel Tripod when I need a tripod, but don’t have room or the space for a full size one. I typically take this on my solo travels. This is the tripod I used on my Iceland Trip.

SanDisk 128GB SD Card :

My most trusted brand for a  fast write memory card able to write 90mb/ second for 4K videos and high speed shooting.

Lowepro backpack :

My go to backpack to carry my gear when I travel. It’s TSA approved size for carry-on. It fits my large body DSLR, two lenses, my drone and accessories, and my tripod.

Sony Wireless Remote :

When traveling alone and I need to be my own photographer. Or when I’m taking long exposure photos and don’t want to capture movement when clicking the shutter. This is a must have!

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  1. This is great! i can’t invest in a new camera right now but I have a Canon 5D Mark iii. Is there a lens you can recommend for travel? i usually use is 50mm 1.4. is there another more versatile one i should add? Your photos are so beautiful! you are very talented.

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